Nurse work environment, self-nurturance and life satisfaction

Nemcek, M.A., James, G.D. (2007) Relationships among the nurse work environment, self-nurturance and life satisfaction. Journal of Advanced Nursing 59(3), 240-247.

Promoting health is a global priority for nurses and for the public who depend upon them to provide quality care. Health gains can be realized by modifying the work environment and by modifying lifestyle choices (self-nurturance). A study of nurses that examined perceptions of workplace features that enable nurses’ professional practice (Magnet features), self-nurturance and healthy outcomes (life satisfaction) was not found in the literature. …

… Improving health and happiness through nurturance should be a primary professional focus when providing care to others. These are values that attract students to nursing and are central to the professional socialization that occurs in nursing education programmes. In addition to helping others, improving health and happiness through nurturance can be applied to one’s self and may be useful for the health and retention of Registered Nurses. Because self-nurturance and life satisfaction have not previously been studied in a group of nurses, our results provide a foundation for replication and developing future research. The time is right to break the recurrent cycles of nursing shortages using organizational and individual activities for nurses. Knowledge of factors such as self-nurturance and Magnet features can be used to promote the health of nurses, which would be expected to benefit the patients they serve.


~ by Brendan Kober on December 2, 2011.

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  1. Article is nice. The black background makes it hard to read and respond.

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